Crabby, Snapping And Craving Sweets? It Could Be Oestrogen Dominance

Are you feeling cranky, snapping at people more often than usual, then feeling terrible about it afterwards? Have you also noticed a shift in your cravings, making it impossible to bypass that chocolate bar or cake you see at your local coffee shop? Don’t beat yourself up about it, it could be your hormones – […]

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Who Should I See For Hormone Issues?

Conventional medical training does not pay much attention to hormone imbalances. Often the paradigm can be: 'you're either in menopause or you're not' and for men andropause frequently gets forgotten about altogether! But the reality is that hormones start to decline and get out of balance years before menopause and this can cause a huge […]

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Oestrogen Dominance Explained

Do you suffer from gut-wrenching cramps and PMS? Headaches before your period and wicked sweets cravings? Do you dread your cycle because of the tender breasts and sleepless nights? It could be oestrogen dominance! But what is it exactly? And why does it matter? Oestrogen dominance is a condition in which there's too much oestrogen […]

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Why Am I Constantly Tired? Could It Be Hormones?

If you've been feeling fatigue and low energy levels, it could be because your hormones are out of balance. Oestrogen, progesterone, insulin, testosterone and thyroid hormones all play a role in keeping us going – so when one (or more) of them is “off”, we can end up feeling tired and run down. But don't […]

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Feeling Crazy? Maybe It’s Just Low Progesterone!

Having small mood shifts right before your period is normal, but being on an emotional rollercoaster all the time is not. In fact, persistent mood swings and anxiety could be a sign of hormone imbalance, specifically low progesterone. You can feel amazing when your hormones are in balance but hormones can quickly become your frenemy […]

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Keeping Hormones Balanced for Restful Sleep

Getting a good night's sleep is essential for our overall health and well-being. Beyond practising good sleep hygiene and properly winding down your day, our hormones play a significant role in regulating our sleep patterns – and imbalances in these hormones can negatively impact our sleep quality. How Hormone Imbalances Affect Sleep Progesterone, cortisol, insulin, […]

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Foods To Add And Avoid To Boost Your Immune System

"Let food be thy medicine" is an ancient saying that modern science had recently proven. But when it comes to health and immunity in particular, not all foods can heal - in fact some can harm! However a number of foods, from various plant families, have been found to benefit the immune system due to […]

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