Understanding Miscarriage

Maintenance of early pregnancy depends on the production of progesterone by the corpus luteum. When the corpus luteum  does not secrete enough progesterone for enough time, pregnancy loss can occur. Giving progesterone can prevent this from occurring. 

Untreated hypothyroidism also increases the risk of miscarriage. Very frequently women are told their TSH is normal when it is too high for the optimal level required for fertility and evidence shows that they would benefit from treatment. Even more frequently, women are not given a comprehensive thyroid test including thyroid antibodies, even though it is well established that thyroid antibodies are elevated in women with recurrent pregnancy loss.

Women with poorly controlled blood sugars have an increased risk of recurrent pregnancy loss. Tracking glucose levels with a continuous glucose monitor and partnering with an expert can help you find the right foods and habits for your unique body. 


Falling pregnant involves multiple steps lining up. First, an egg must be released from one of the ovaries. Next, a sperm must swim up through the cervix and uterus to the fallopian tube to reach and fertilise the egg. Then the fertilised egg (now called an embryo) must travel down the fallopian tube into the uterus (womb), where it must attach to the uterus wall (this part is called implantation).

Infertility can result from any issues with any part of that process. And, sometimes there are issues in many parts of the process. Clinically, this can make getting to the root cause quite challenging.

While men are often neglected when it comes to infertility, they should not be overlooked! Male factor infertility is solely responsible for 20-30% of infertility cases, and there is a male factor contribution to infertility about 50% of the time overall.

A functional medicine approach to infertility allows practitioners to dig deeper and uncover the root causes. Once there is a clearer picture of what is going on in both the female and male reproductive systems and overall bodies, a lot can be done to heal and boost fertility.

Our integrative approach to miscarriage and infertility is focused on getting to the root cause(s) of the problem, causes that are so often overlooked.

We also offer specialised testing to identify potential imbalances in the body that may be contributing. This may include testing for inflammation markers, nutrient deficiencies, gut and hormonal imbalances and environmental toxins. We use this information to develop a personalised treatment plan.

At London Bioidentical Hormones, our practitioners are specialised in the most advanced natural methods to support you through your journey and to keep you resilient and positive by getting results.

To get started, please call the clinic on +44203 303 0237 to book in for your initial visit (£699 including comprehensive bloods). After your initial visit, if you would be a good candidate for our three month mastery programme we can arrange a complimentary call for you to learn more about this. Our in-depth approach creates lasting transformation.

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