Get back in balance & re-ignite your spark!

Brain Fog
Unhappy Gut
Mood Changes
Low Libido
Hot Flashes / Night Sweats
Weight Gain / Muscle Loss
Pain During Sex
Muscle Aches & Joint Pain

Rediscover Your Vital Self

Our deepest dive is our three month mastery programme: this powerful approach creates lasting change by addressing hormones, nutrition, detoxification, mindset and nervous system regulation. 

Our Drs gently bring your hormones back into balance with lifestyle changes, supplements and bespoke BHRT.

Our Nutritionist offers advanced nutritional testing including genomics and designs personalised plans to optimise your nutrition, gut health and detoxification.

Our Therapist takes you on a group deep discovery process to gain a clear understanding of your limiting beliefs and how to move beyond them to align mind, heart, body and soul.

Hormone Optimisation


Testosterone Optimisation


Functional Wellness


Life Can Be A Rollercoaster… Your Hormones Don’t Have To Be!

Natural & Safe

Bioidentical hormones are identical in structure to your body's own hormones, meaning your body knows how to use and metabolise them. These exact duplicates of human hormones can help maintain a balanced mood, healthy sex life and sleep patterns during times of hormonal imbalance. 


In conjunction with our functional wellness approach, we carefully prescribe bioidentical hormone replacement to alleviate symptoms.

Your dosage and your signature programme is bespoke to you, your physiology, your goals and your specific needs.  


We take you on a  deep discovery process to gain a clear understanding of your limiting beliefs, where they stem from in childhood and the resulting regressive patterns created because of them.
We then move to bring integration and align mind, heart, body and soul.

Meet Dr. Anu Arasu

Dr. Anu Arasu, MRCP MRCGP is the founder of London Bioidentical Hormones. A leader in bioidentical hormone therapy, she has always recognised the uniqueness of her patients and she passionately cares about finding exactly what is right for the individual at the time.

Dr Arasu was one of the first Drs to undergo training with the Institute for Functional Medicine in the UK and has been instrumental in training other Drs in bioidentical hormone therapy. 

Dr. Arasu read medicine at the Royal Free and University College London.



In Our Patients Own Words

  • Dr. Amina saw both my husband and myself. She is such a caring, patient, and understanding doctor. She did not rush us and she offered positive solutions for us both. I have already recommended two people to visit her and would return with no hesitation if I need to. Such a refreshing welcome difference to other doctors I have visited in the past.

  • Dr Care and the team at London Bioidentical hormones are fantastic. I didn’t respond to the usual medical options for menopause and needed specialist support. Finding the right solutions with this brilliant teams help has given me my life back.

    Claire S.
  • My treatment with Dr Arasu has been nothing more than exceptional. I have been seeing her for just under a year and I feel like a new woman. She was very thorough with her initial call and also the follow-ups. The quality of the prescription medications are very high. My menopausal symptoms have disappeared and it is really good to be able to do the things I used to do when I was a younger woman. I feel great!

    Irene Gerlach
What Your Doctor Doesn't know about

Treating Hormone Imbalances

Understanding Symptoms, Causes & Treatment Strategies
The one-page

Hormone Makeover Blueprint

The 5-Step Process To Resolving Hormone Imbalances

Areas Served

London Bioidentical Hormones is a Virtual Practice in the United Kingdom and serves patients throughout the United Kingdom.

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