Why Is Functional Medicine So Powerful?

At London Bioidentical Hormones, we believe that medicine should be about optimising your health and quality of life.

Unfortunately, the conventional medical system wasn't designed for creating & maintaining vibrant health... it was born out of the need for acute care interventions (think fractures, car accidents, and the like).

This reactive rather than proactive approach has meant that all too often dysfunctions and imbalances have turned into disease and people are now dependent on prescription drugs that merely mask symptoms and can cause other side effects.

In conventional medicine, it takes on average 18 years for new information to work its way into medical education.

Functional medicine, however, considers how the microbiome – aka the bacteria in our bodies – impacts our health, because it’s based on a paradigm of the body as an interconnected matrix, not a disconnected set of organ systems.

In order to live our potential in optimal health we need a personalised approach.

Functional medicine uses advanced testing such as nutritional testing and genetics testing in combination with the art of listening to your story to piece together a plan that is 100% tailored to you.

The proof is in the improvement in your quality of life, from energy and clarity to weight and immunity. 

Functional medicine is an opportunity to understand and listen to your body and tap in to your health in ways you never knew about.

Ultimately how you live each day determines your health and quality of life.

We need to be making conscious habits if we want to maintain our strength, live well and generate as much happiness in our life as we can. 

"The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now."

Key Aspects Of Functional Medicine

When you are healthy, everything works together like a symphony in perfect harmony – and you have vibrant health. But when one of these systems is off-balance, the whole symphony is out of tune!

When you need a “tune-up” so to speak, not only do you need to look at areas that aren’t working right... but also whether the rest of your body is in balance.

Your nutritional status, your genetic factors, what kinds of bacteria populate your gut – each person’s body has a very unique health profile which means they need an equally unique healing protocol.

In fact, we find with our patients that while they may share the same symptoms, they frequently suffer from very different imbalances!

That’s why at London Bioidentical Hormones, we look at lifestyle factors such as diet, environment, nutrition, gut health, detoxification and cellular health emotional health and mindset that usually bring on the illness patients are seeking to heal. 

We offer advanced functional nutritional testing and inner work alongside our hormone balancing work to help you finally heal.

At London Bioidentical Hormones, our programs are a more comprehensive form of care (along with inner work) to help patients learn lifelong skills on how to upgrade their lifestyle – so they don’t remain stuck in the “chronic illness hamster wheel”.


Here are just some of the things we focus on in our programme:

  • We prioritise quality over quantity with our patients. We understand the importance of listening carefully to a patient’s medical history, reviewing testing, looking at lifestyle factors that are materially contributing to illnesses, then making a personalised recommendation based on each patient’s unique situation.
  • Assessment, natural healing, and prevention are prioritised over wait-and-see treatment approaches.
  • The most modern and advanced medical equipment available is used along with natural forms of healing like upgrading your diet and healing herbs or supplementation with fewer or no side effects.
  • Patients are taught how to take a more active role in their own health and will learn up-to-date nutritional science & lifestyle modifications that can boost their health and overall wellness for a lifetime.
  • Instead of relying on being prescribed medications again and again for temporary relief, our  team at London Bioidentical Hormones diagnose problems holistically and arm patients with the modern tools for healthy living.

Conditions Treated

Since the founding of her practice, Dr. Anu Arasu and her team have helped patients heal from life-altering conditions such as:

  • Digestive Disorders (small intestinal bacterial overgrowth, irritable bowel syndrome) 
  • Hormonal Imbalances (Hypothyroidism,  PCOS, PMS, endometriosis,premature ovarian resistance, amenorrhoea, fibroids, perimenopause, menopause, andropause)
  • Metabolic Syndrome, Obesity & Dyslipidemia
  • Energy Issues, Stress & Chronic Pain (Chronic Fatigue, Adrenal Issues, Fibromyalgia etc.)

Your Next Best Steps

We carefully evaluate a patient's case before we agree to take them on as a client to ensure that we are a good fit. This is in the best interest of both you and our team, because we want to ensure that our approach is what you are looking for. To get started, sign up for a free discovery call with a member of our team, so we can evaluate whether partnering with London Bioidentical Hormones is the best next step for you.


Areas Served

London Bioidentical Hormones is a Virtual Practice in the United Kingdom and serves patients throughout the United Kingdom.

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