Does This Sound Like You?

Feeling tired or wired, having digestive issues or getting puffy in the face?

Dealing with constant body aches, chronic fatigue, anxiety, and/or sleep disturbances?

Do you need several cups of coffee just to feel awake and start your day?

Or maybe you feel empty and demotivated?

Chances are, it might have nothing to do with age,  but rather with hormone imbalances brought on by hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis dysfunction (terminology conventional medicine accepts, unlike the lay term 'adrenal fatigue').

Conventional medicine is fully aware that stress is associated with all cause morbidity and mortality across the board, and yet pays very little attention to the biology of stress. That's where a functional medicine approach is so key. 

Adrenals & Stress

You might wonder how the adrenal health is linked to your energy levels.

The adrenals, a set of important glands that rest on top of your kidneys, are in charge of regulating important stress hormones like cortisol – responsible for the “fight or flight” response and other stress hormones like epinephrine (adrenaline) and norepinephrine (noradrenaline).

When your stress response is not balanced, the ability to turn these hormones “on and off” gets impaired, and thus can wreak havoc with your energy levels.

Due to illness, prolonged low-grade stress and other factors, your adrenal glands may be overworked, causing feelings of intense fatigue and exhaustion even after a full night’s sleep.

Without proper regulation from your endocrine system, you may feel unable to cope with normal everyday stress or even handle the normal activities of life.

Craving salty or sweet foods is a common sign, as a way to refuel fast since the body is searching to upgrade energy any way it can – but that can cause weight gain and other health issues down the road.

Additionally, adrenal dysfunction can result in more than just decreased energy – it can also cause low libido, weight gain, increased PMS/menopausal symptoms, constipation, and a weakened immune system.

How We Approach Stress

In our practice, we are trained to get to the root of your adrenal dysfunction and any of the other symptoms you may be suffering from – and advanced testing is a key piece to ensure that you won’t continue to “run on empty” due to your adrenals.

If we do discover you have adrenal imbalances, then chances are your stress hormones are not “shutting off” correctly, which could happen for a variety of reasons and can certainly be exacerbated by going through hormonal changes that women normally experience during perimenopause and menopause.

“How do I fix my adrenals?” might be your next question. Addressing the biology of stress requires consideration of other hormonal loops, inflammation, the immune system, toxins and nervous system regulation.  

To get started, please call the clinic on +44203 303 0237 to book in for your initial visit (£699 including comprehensive bloods).

After your initial visit, if you would be a good candidate for our three month mastery programme we can arrange a complimentary call for you to learn more about this. Our in-depth approach creates lasting transformation.

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