Crabby, Snapping And Craving Sweets? It Could Be Oestrogen Dominance

Are you feeling cranky, snapping at people more often than usual, then feeling terrible about it afterwards?

Have you also noticed a shift in your cravings, making it impossible to bypass that chocolate bar or cake you see at your local coffee shop?

Don’t beat yourself up about it, it could be your hormones – specifically oestrogen dominance.

Oestrogen dominance is a hormonal imbalance that can occur during perimenopause (as early as your 30s) and menopause, when progesterone levels drop faster than oestrogen levels… causing annoying symptoms like mood swings, sweet cravings, and hot flashes, as well as sudden weight gain.

While it's not fun to deal with these symptoms, early detection is critical so you can properly resolve those hormonal imbalances. Read on to learn more about oestrogen dominance so it doesn’t get the better of you!

Oestrogen Dominance & Mood

Ladies, oestrogen dominance is real and we can thank perimenopause and menopause for that! While dealing with hormones can be rough at times, we do have some control!

The first thing to understand is that this oestrogen-minded hormonal imbalance can leave you feeling anything but your usually charming self.

You might feel like your mood has been hijacked, along with a heavy dose of PMS, headaches, bloating, and that annoying breast tenderness that can last for days or even a week.

On top of being a puffy crank-monster, you can’t control your hunger and sweet cravings have skyrocketed.

So how does it happen?

There are two forms of oestrogen dominance – frank oestrogen dominance which is caused when your body makes too much oestrogen and relative oestrogen dominance when you have too much oestrogen relative to progesterone.

How do we end up with one of these forms? There are many reasons you may have an overload of oestrogen, this can include poor oestrogen detox pathways (genetics such as the COMT gene) and inability to release it each month, excess body fat that creates more oestrogen, exposure to hormone-mimicking chemicals in your environment like xenoestrogens (found in beauty products, plastics and more), gut health issues, autoimmune conditions, high levels of cortisol and stress, low progesterone, adrenal issues, and even poor sleep.

While this list sounds daunting, there is plenty you can do to tweak your lifestyle to make it more “oestrogen balance friendly” if you suspect you have oestrogen dominance.

How To Alleviate Oestrogen Dominance

Oestrogen dominance can be a cruel mistress, giving us mood swings, sweet cravings and much more. But there is a silver lining – you’re not helpless! There are some simple things to help alleviate symptoms of oestrogen imbalance and take the pressure off!

If you suspect you are suffering from oestrogen dominance (or any hormonal imbalance), the first step is to get tested by a hormone expert since many hormone imbalances can present similar symptoms.

While some of the lifestyle recommendations for oestrogen dominance work for women in their 30’s (who are not yet in perimenopause), they may not work for all women – especially those dealing with an undiagnosed autoimmune condition or approaching menopause.

If sweet cravings, mood swings, perimenopause or menopause symptoms have become too much and are disrupting your life, the best course of action is to talk to a hormone expert – otherwise known as a BHRT expert or functional medicine doctor. Unfortunately, when women approach their PCP or even their OBGYN about their hormones… they usually get the “runaround”.

Choosing A BHRT Provider

As a licenced health practitioner with deep expertise in hormone imbalances and bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT), our team will provide the appropriate guidance for your unique situation so you can determine whether you are a candidate for bioidentical hormone replacement therapy.

We examine lifestyle factors that could be unnecessarily draining your natural hormone levels and also provide guidance on natural ways to boost your resilience and longevity.

Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy can potentially reduce the risk of adverse side effects, and alleviate symptoms leading to a healthier and happier life. To get started, please call the clinic on +44203 303 0237 to book in for your initial visit (£699 including comprehensive bloods). After your initial visit, if you are interested in taking a deeper dive, learn about our three month mastery programme by signing up for a free discovery call.

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