Functional Medicine

About Functional Medicine

If you have chronic symptoms but have been told that there is nothing wrong or there is nothing you can do about it, functional medicine may help get to the heart of a problem. Functional Medicine seeks to correct what might have gone wrong with the body’s physiology. What is it about this person’s unique biochemistry and lifestyle that have resulted in the health problems they are experiencing? If you are interested in functional medicine please discuss this at your appointment.

Testing Services

We offer a number of testing services at London Bioidentical Hormones, including:


We test advance biochemical markers to assess risk of cardiovascular disease and stroke.


We test for bacteria, fungi, parasites, viruses, markers of inflammation, the mucosal immune system and digestion.


We test for hormones plus their metabolites and markers of oxidative stress.


We test genotype panels relevant to oestrogen detoxification and the nervous system.


We test for vitamins, elements, fatty acids, enzymes, bile acids and proteins.


We test for intestinal permeability, gluten sensitivity and sensitivities to chemicals.