What is the Metabolic Balance programme?

In March 2019, Kirstie Allsopp told Hello Magazine about her two stone weight loss using the Metabolic Balance® programme. There are so many features of her weight loss story that I think are particularly relevant to men and women over 40.

Firstly, Kirstie’s weight gain had come on more rapidly after the age of 40. This is common for men and women – as sex hormones decline and get out of balance, insulin resistance and inflammation become increasingly problematic.

Secondly, she was becoming increasingly more aware of the health risks of being overweight, citing the statistic that the number one risk factor for breast cancer is being overweight on your 50th birthday.

Thirdly, she didn’t want to demonise foods, become neurotic about trying to lose weight or engage in any fad diet only to rebound later. She recognised that many factors had contributed to her weight gain, such as unpredictable meal times, and that an approach beyond ‘calories in calories out’ was needed to reset things.

So what is the Metabolic Balance® programme?

Metabolic Balance® is a programme that is focused on resetting the body’s metabolic point. Backed by over 25 years of scientific study, quite simply, it works. Based on a person’s blood test results, medical history and dietary requirements, a food plan is devised that is tailored to the individual person. It’s subtle – someone with psoriasis may have nightshade vegetables excluded from their plan for example. It takes chronobiology into account and includes guidance on the timing of eating. By the end of the programme, blood tests and biomarkers are rechecked and these and quality of life scores have been shown to significantly improve. Many describe the programme as ‘life-changing’ because it provides people with a body awareness that they have never had before, and they experience a lifelong shift in their relationship with food.

And most importantly, it’s very do-able.

In the Hello Magazine article, Kirstie explained that life post her 2 stone weight loss with Metabolic Balance® was not so different. “I will have sugar as a very rare treat… apart from that there’s not a massive difference. I eat three meals a day. I leave a five-hour gap between meals. I drink water between meals and I make sure I eat protein first, always my first mouthful, then greens.”

It’s a programme that has not failed to impress me and one that I would recommend to anyone who is looking for a permanent weight loss solution and to regain their vitality and health.


Testimonials from Metabolic Balance clients at London Bioidentical Hormones

“I am approaching 50 and considered myself healthy, I was struggling for at least 4 years to get my weight and my mindset on an even keel and I had literally tried it all. Then I heard about metabolic balance with Catherine, and this is no understatement – it has literally changed my life. I feel amazing inside and out and finally, have some clarity in my mind and the bonus to it all is I have lost 10kg, and inches off all of my body. I am now on a realistic eating plan that I can adopt into my life and if I could I would be shouting this from the rooftops. The extra added bonus is working with Catherine she is so knowledgeable, kind and supportive.”

“Catherine is a very caring and nurturing individual and I found her to be very giving and professional throughout. My mindset with regard to food is far healthier and more balanced than ever before. I put this down to the gentle yet powerful guidance of Catherine during our numerous video meetings over the course of the programme. She has been like a rock for me, and amid the stresses of life, when food choices are often difficult, she offered such healthy and sensible advice that I have completely changed my relationship with food and I’m very grateful for her guidance.”



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