The Side effects of Bioidentical Hormone Therapy: What you Need to Know

Bioidentical hormones are a good way to relieve many unwanted symptoms but, as with all medical treatments, they may have side effects.

The safety of hormone therapy depends largely on underlying medical conditions such as family history of breast cancer, history of blood clots, etc.

For the vast majority of people, the risks of hormone therapy are few and the potential benefits are vast.

When we lose our hormones we are at greater risk of all the diseases of ageing.

Bioidentical hormone therapy can benefit us in many aspects of your life. It can help improve your, sleep, increase energy levels, increase your sex drive protect your bones, increase your good cholesterol (the kind we need to combat the bad), help maintain a healthy weight and sharpen your memory.

However, too much of a hormone can cause side effects. But not enough will mean that some symptoms remain untreated. If you start bio-identical hormone therapy its good to know what the signs of too little or too much hormone are, so that you can discuss with your prescriber and make tweaks to the prescription as needed. Here’s a list of the hormones and the effects of having too little or too much.


Too Little –

Dry vagina, eyes &/or skin

Diminished sensuality & sexuality

Sense of normalcy only during 2nd week (if cycling)

Pain during intercourse

Loss of glow

Too Much – 

Breast fullness

Pelvic cramps (with or without bleeding)

Nipple tenderness

Water retention 



Too Little – 

Sleep disturbance

Increased anxiety

Mood disturbances (sometimes severe)

Hot flushes

Breast tenderness

New &/or enlarged breast lumps

Water retention

Difficulty relaxing

Decreased libido

Period irregularities (if still menstruating)

PMS, fibroids, &/or endometriosis

Too much –


Waking up groggy &/or edgy

Sense of physical instability

Hot flushes (if very excessive dose)

Feeling depressed

Slight dizziness

Leg discomfort/pain

Water retention


Too little –

Diminished libido

Loss of sense of security

Body hair loss

Diminished energy/stamina

Flabbiness/muscular weakness (upper arms, thighs and cheeks)

Too much –


Excessive oiliness of skin

Increased pimples/acne

Increased hair growth on body, face &/or place of application