How to Find a Qualified Practitioner for Bioidentical Hormone Therapy

The reality is that your GP and even gynaecologists and other specialists may be in the dark when it comes to diagnosing hormone imbalances at all stages of life and using bio-identical hormone replacement therapy. Whilst they may stay up to date on current guidelines for a huge range of conditions, they may be stuck in a bygone era of thinking about hormone replacement therapy as all the same thing and just a treatment for menopause. They may lack the expertise in fine tuning a hormone replacement therapy program for menopause let alone other hormone imbalances.

However we live in the information era and nowadays men and women who are beginning to experience the adverse effects of declining hormone levels and are increasingly knowledgeable about their condition and how to get help.

Bioidentical hormone specialists are often not only knowledgeable about hormone replacement therapy and the risks of deficient hormone levels, but they are also dedicated to guiding people towards optimal health as they age. This is a cutting-edge attitude that puts forward the philosophy that aging is a partly preventable condition. Choose a bioidentical hormone specialist who is also trained in functional medicine and can assist you with other areas of your health concerning exercise, nutrition, stress reduction, and chronic disease prevention because all of these factors are key in hormone balance. Hormone balance isn’t just about hormones – its about the gut and the liver and a whole host of other things. A holistic approach will prove to be of significant value to your overall health and wellbeing.

 At London Bioidentical Hormones we are in the rare position of being a major bioidentical hormone therapy clinic where all of our doctors are trained in functional medicine, which means that the subsequent improvements in hormonally related health complaints goes alongside a significant improvement in overall wellbeing. Booking in means taking the first step in preventing or reversing a decline in hormones and health.