The Book:
Bioidentical Hormones Explained

We know that hormones are key for the heart, the brain, the bones, not to mention hair, skin, muscle strength, bladder function, thermoregulation and metabolism. Hormones play a role in disease prevention: hormones are highest when we’re young and as they decline we see a number of diseases of ageing. Then in the early 2000s hormone replacement fell out of favour when the women’s health initiative showed increased risks of breast cancer and cardiovascular disease. Suddenly women were made to feel that they were in a catch 22 situation: either put up with symptoms or put their health at significant risk. Well this binary choice isn’t the full story – there is hope! Not all hormone replacement therapy is the same. In this guide you’ll learn about the differences between bioidentical hormones and non-bioidentical hormone-like drugs which is the information I think every woman must be given to empower her to choose what’s right for her.

Get Back to Yourself

with individualised bioidentical hormones

At London Bioidentical Hormones, our mission is to get patients back to their best selves. We specialise in treating a variety of hormonal imbalances with bioidentical hormones and a holistic, functional medicine approach. We also offer Nutritional Therapy consultations and the excellent Metabolic Balance® weight loss programme.


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